Friday, January 17, 2020

The Garden in January

I've been doing a post about what's in flower on the 15th of each month for a while, but on Wednesday when I went out to have a look it seemed like nothing at all was in flower. Today I had another look, and surprised myself just how many flowers there are there are around the garden.

These kangaroo paws aren't quite open - I think they are past their best, but they are still a nice touch of colour:

A few of the roses have a bloom here and there that has survived the heat and dry. This one is "Raspberry Tiger":

The red hot pokers all looked a bit scorched the other day, but a few are sending up more flowers:

Do garlic heads count as flowers?
They look pretty good, anyway.

The various buddleias had all their flowers and buds scorched off by hot dry winds, but a couple of them are beginning to flower again:

A surprise first flower on the honeysuckle:

Some of the salvias are just beginning to flower:

I thought the lamb's ears flowers were finished, but there are a few still open. This bee knew better than me:

Nepeta flowers hiding in a geranium:

The agastache hiding behind the shed still has some flowers:

There are actually a lot of gladdies in flower, but many of them have been frazzled by the hot winds. The ones that are only just starting to open look good:

Daylilies should be going gangbusters at this time of year, but they look a bit sad and there are not many flowers. However they are hanging in there, and some of them have buds. Hopefully next month there will be more daylilies to enjoy:

I didn't manage to get the flowers in focus, but you can see there are lots of buds on this little pelargonium:

In December I mentioned we have two varieties of hebe alternating along a path. One is "Marie Antoinette", the other is "Lavender Lass." I thought the ones flowering in December were Marie Antoinette, but now I'm not so sure. Doesn't matter, the other ones are flowering now.

A few of the succulents have flowers, including these amazingly tall flower spikes growing from tiny sempervivums:

And these echevarias:

Finally, not a flower but a sign of hope:
The first bud on one of my dahlias.


  1. It is surprising how different a garden looks from day to day. Perhaps the rain this week has helped.

  2. So many pretty flowers. I have said it before, but the painted brick garden wall really is a great backdrop for your plants, the gladdies look great.

  3. You have a beautiful collection of flowering pretty hugs, julierose

  4. So many beautiful flowers, I don't even know some.

  5. Stunning bloom on purple gladie, I really loved two toned flowers. I also love your succulent flowers, tiny sempervivums:the plant looks smaller then the flower? Very sweet. The day lilies have had a battering at my place too and I must plant more salvias! I think I need to start keeping a running list of what looks good in the garden at different times so I know what to plant more of, your photo diary is a great idea.

  6. G'day Vireya,
    Must be a good year for Kangaroo Paw - All of mine are in flower. I have also had 2 Spikes on my Xanthorrhoea (Grass Tree) this year.
    It is good to go poke around and see what is in flower and when. Cheers Wendy

  7. I love your garden walks, I get to see the familiar (Day Lilies, Garlic Flowering, Honey Suckle) and the "new to me" (Kangaroo Paw!) a world away. Have seen Roses before but not that variety -- so pretty!