Saturday, December 4, 2021

Geese in Progress

 I've half-made the flying geese for the second Rhododendron Trail mystery quilt clue:

I'm using the "4 at a time" method. I made one set first to make sure this would work. The final geese have to have yellow and neutral triangles. My practice blocks showed that if I did all the yellows first, then added the neutrals for the next step after this, I'll end up with the colours arranged as per Bonnie's instructions:

Half will have yellow on the left, and half will have it on the right.

I had more sewing time today than I was expecting, as visiting has been cancelled at Mum's nursing home again. Someone who visited earlier in the week later tested positive for covid, so the residents are being tested, the home is being "deep cleaned", and visitors are banned until they are sure there hasn't been any transmission of the virus. So far all the initial tests are negative, but they are planning to do a second test of everyone on Monday.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

November WOOFA

This is the last WOOFA (Working On Or Finishing A ...) report for the year

In November I finished my Plaid-ish quilt and donated it, made, finished and donated a Christmas placemat, and did a bit of pinning:

This is my Scrappy Mountain Majesties top, which was my Lockdown #5 project, started in July:
I hope to get it quilted and bound by the end of this year.

Thanks to Cheryll for her WOOFA encouragement through the year. Here's this month's link-up: The Last Hoorah.

Monday, November 29, 2021


 Over the weekend I attended a "stay at home" retreat. We hired space in a local school where we could sew and talk and eat and generally catch up on nearly two years. 

Saturday was also when the first clue of Bonnie Hunter's new mystery, Rhododendron Trail, was released. So that was the first thing I did at the retreat.

This is before they were trimmed. I'm making roughly half the quantity again this year.

The placemat challenge entries were displayed and voted on:

We had a competition to guess who made each one, as well as voting for our favourites. The winner is in the second photo - the Santa with the falling-over tree and presents. Second place was the one in the foreground of the last photo, with the reindeer and tree.

On the second day of the retreat I did a bit of hand sewing and a lot more talking. I attempted to pin baste a quilt, but I will need to do it again at home, due to wrinkles.

There was so much talking. Everyone had so many stories to tell from 2020 and 2021. And I must have done too much talking, as I ended up with chapped lips and a slightly hoarse voice!

Thursday, November 25, 2021


It seems to have taken a while, but the roses are finally realising it is spring. A rainy day with a top of 13 isn't the most spring-like day, but yellow roses (this is either Gina Lollobrigida or Friesia) glow on a grey day:

Raspberry Tiger always looks good with its red and white stripes:

And speaking of things that are red and white, here's what I did with my placemat binding:

Very happy to have it finished!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


 Can I get this placemat bound by Saturday?

I quilted it on Monday, but haven't made the binding (or even decided which fabric to use) yet.

Thanks for all the kind wishes about my mother. I got a phone call from the hospital yesterday afternoon to say they were discharging her, and this morning I was able to go and visit her at the nursing home again. She seemed in pretty good shape after her ordeal, although quite tired.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Hospital Visit

 This is the intimidating door to the ward where Mum is:

Despite Mum having a negative covid test on Thursday, and another one on Friday, she is in the covid ward because that's where all new admissions go! When the hospital is certain the patient is free of covid, and a bed is available, the patient is moved to a regular ward. But apparently Mum is one of 3 covid-free patients in the covid ward waiting to be transferred. It is the same ward Dad was in in April, and he was never transferred out as he was too unwell to be moved. At that time there were no covid cases in the hospital. 

Now there are.

It is a bit scary to know that my 93-year-old unvaccinated (her choice) mother is in the same ward as actual covid cases. 

The view from Mum's room is much the same as the view was from Dad's.  The difference is in the seasons. Then we had grey sky and autumn leaves, now we have blue sky and fresh green spring leaves:

I'm not sure about the view inside the room. I was very worried about what I would be faced with, but in some ways it was not as bad as I had anticipated. Mum was lucid, recognised me, and knew what day it was. I was able to spend a couple of hours with her, including feeding her her lunch. Her fever is gone, as she is on IV antibiotics, but she is not well. 

I am not going to be allowed to visit her again in this ward. If she is transferred to another part of the hospital, I may be allowed to come and visit for care-giving reasons, such as feeding her.

This is the first mobile phone selfie I have ever taken. And possibly the last!

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Challenging Times

On Thursday night I had another call from the nursing home, wanting to send Mum to hospital because of her fever. By that time I had had a chance to talk to my sister, and we both agreed that Mum should be left where she was. If she was dying it was better for her to be in a familiar place with people she knows caring for her. So I told the nurse to leave Mum there, and I would come and see her in the morning.

As I was getting ready to visit on Friday morning, I got another call from the nursing home to say that they had just sent Mum to hospital. 

After many phonecalls that just rang out, I eventually spoke to someone in Emergency. Mum was being attended to, but I was not allowed to go and sit with her, as they were awaiting the results of another covid test. (The nursing home had given her one on Thursday because of her elevated temperature.)

Later, Mum was admitted to the hospital, where no visiting is allowed at all. That is part of why I hadn't wanted her to be sent there.

I spent a bit of time soothing my mind this afternoon working on a Christmas placemat challenge that I am meant to have finished by next weekend, but hadn't started.

I got this far today.

Late in the afternoon, I had a call from the hospital to tell me I am allowed a compassionate visit with Mum. I didn't feel up to the drive then, after having had a sleepless night last night, but will go and see her tomorrow.