Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Garden in October - Part Two

There are so many plants in flower this month that I am breaking up my monthly garden post into sections. 

Next on the tour around the garden is the orchard and vege garden.

Chives, with broad beans in the background:

The quince is covered in blooms:

They really are my favourite flowers in the orchard:


Not the usual apple blossom colour. This is a Redlove apple, which has red flesh. The red colour also appears in the flowers and the leaves.



The currants are also flowering, but the flowers are tiny and the wind was blowing too much to get a clear photo of them.

And for something completely different, a carrot flower:


Leaving the orchard and heading along the driveway, there is a patch of columbines which have arrived from somewhere:

They are very pretty.

Next is a rugosa rose:

A patch of Portuguese squill:

The first of the regular roses. This one is Raspberry Tiger:

The flower looks a bit damaged by the weather, but I was surprised to find even one. Some of the other roses have buds, but some haven't progressed that far yet.

On the other side of the driveway is my peony bed. The peonies have big fat buds, so there will be lots of flowers later. For the moment, there is a few flowers left on the bergenia, and the Hypocalymma angustifolium behind it is bursting into flower:

I'll finish this post on the other side of the house in the new shadehouse, where this cymbidium orchid is opening its fourth flower spike:

And the dendrobiums are perfuming the air beautifully:

There's also a white one. Too bad you can't smell them from there!

With this post and the previous one, we are probably about half-way round the garden. I'll save the rest of the photos for another day, I think.

The Garden in October - Part One

It is peak spring, so the garden is full of flowers popping out everywhere. Rather than do one enormous post of all of them, I'm going to break it into segments. Part one is the back yard.



Flowering quince

Snowball bush

Still rather green snowballs.



The end of the freesias:



This lovely little creeper which is spreading across an empty part of the garden:

Leaving the best to last:

Wisteria! Both the wisterias are flowering. They are slightly different colours, although that isn't obvious from the photo or in real life. I think one of them is meant to be more purple, but as I don't remember what varieties they are I can't check on that.

This is the third spring since the wisteria pergola was built (that post here). The plants have spread to cover about half of the length of the pergola, so by the end of this summer it could be completely covered.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


So it is ages since I wrote a blog post. I had a list of posts to write that didn't happen, and a half written draft, but now so much time has passed I can't really go back and fill in the gaps. So instead, here's a few recent things.

A shade house was built:

Jack checked to make sure it was OK:

Then I moved all the orchids from the greenhouse into it:

I quickly realised that those plant stands you can see in the previous photo are really only good for small plants, so the shelving is improvised for the moment.

I finished assembling the Trail Mix quilt top:

The apples and the quinces flowered:

That's an apple, I'll save the quinces until I do my round-up of everything flowering this month.

The tulips that started flowering on 21st September looked like this on 1st October:

And today they still haven't lost any petals, although they are beginning to droop a little. But I'm amazed at how long they lasted.

Because it is spring, many things are growing and flowering. Butterflies and dragonflies are flitting and zooming around the garden.

Inspired by this post on the West Australian Quilters' Association blog: "Rajah Quilt Revisted", I've even dug out a project I haven't touched in quite a while, and am contemplating the next rounds.


Of course other things have happened in the 2.5 weeks since my last post, but some of them are best forgotten, and the rest have missed their chance to be blogged!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Day Trip

Today we took a trip to the country to celebrate a family birthday. Meeting inside houses is still banned, so we had lunch outside. Fortunately it was a fine day, if cool (I was wearing a beanie, scarf and jacket), although I still managed to get sunburnt!

Before setting off to the lunch appointment, we made a quick trip to Lal Lal Falls to look for things we could add to the iNaturalist Southern Hemisphere BioBlitz. I think it is the first time I have visited the falls early enough in the day for the sun to be shining on them:

We found a few interesting things for our observations, including this kangaroo:


On our drive later we went past a lake with hundreds of swans:

Although that observation went into another group's tally, as we were beyond the boundaries of our group by then.

I hope by Christmas the people who live in Melbourne will be able to join us. This is the third time this family have been able to get together this year, but each time half of them have been unable to attend as they live in Melbourne. 


On the other hand, next weekend is my mother's birthday, and we aren't able to visit her at all. Her nursing home has started allowing visits again, but only one person can visit (not one at a time, just one person ever), and it can only be on a weekday. So my father is able to visit Mum a couple of times a week, but the best we will be able to do for her 92nd birthday is to telephone her from out in the street, and wave through the window.

Friday, September 25, 2020


 Well this was unexpected

not normal weather for late September

apparently it was the coldest September day in this part of the world for over 50 years.

 It was also the first day of the Great Southern Hemisphere Bioblitz on iNaturalist. Areas all over Africa, South America and Australia are competing to add as many observations as possible between 25th and 28th September.

The snow (and the freezing temperatures) meant finding insects, birds, or even plants to photograph wasn't possible for several hours in the middle of the day.

Some people found other ways to amuse themselves though:

Monday, September 21, 2020


The tulips that the postoffice misplaced for a few weeks, which it seems I last posted about in August when they started appearing above the soil, now look like this:

Beautiful stripy blooms! The variety is "Claudia". 

Only two of the six bulbs have flowered; the others started to form buds, but they didn't develop properly. I don't know if that was something to do with them being at the postoffice when they should have been in the ground settling in for winter, or what. Several of the bulbs had started sprouting when they arrived here, and maybe they are the ones that didn't flower? I don't know, but these two flowers are lovely. And maybe next year there will be even more of them to enjoy.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sixty-four Blocks

Today I made the last of the Trail Mix blocks, so now I need to finalise my arrangement so I can sew them together. Looking at a photo might help me see where blocks need to be moved around to balance the layout.

I have an 8 x 8 layout, but I can't get a photo of the whole thing. My design board is only wide enough for 7 blocks, which is why the ones down the left hand side are all hanging wonkily here:

And only 7 rows can be seen, as the cutting table gets in the way of the bottom row.

If I stand off to one side I can see all the rows, but I cut off a lot of the top row:

Anyway, that's where I'm up to. Do I move things around, or just sew them together the way they are?