Sunday, July 23, 2023

Ups and Downs

This week I took a trip to Maryborough to visit the Golden Textures exhibition. Since my last visit in 2021 the gallery has had a complete make-over.

The architects have kept the history of the building (a former fire station), while updating and extending the display areas. One welcome addition for those on a road trip is that there are now toilets (no photo, but they were nice). A garden is planned, which will be good to see next time I visit in perhaps another 2 years. I liked this view through a skylight in the reception area:

We have had a bit of wild weather this week, and the wind created a view through the roof of my shade house:

The shadecloth ripped right across and left half the roof uncovered. I was a bit worried about my orchids being unprotected from potential frost, so I moved as many as I could to the greenhouse, especially this one which has a few flower spikes developing:

 I hope it will be happy in there!

Last week at work I was quite disturbed as large machinery was working across the road, demolishing what has been a pedestrian mall:

I was particularly upset at trees being smashed down:
It was shocking. 
When I got home I did some searching to find out what was happening. It turns out they are not completely demolishing the mall. There will be one lane of traffic through here, but there will still be a playground, and seating areas. But I couldn't see why they needed to just smash up what was there, particularly the trees! However this week when I went to work I found that lots of the trees are still standing:

It was still noisy, as the digger was pulling up the paving and dumping it into the big skip. I wonder what I will find next week?

I have not managed to do any sewing this week, so here is a tiny fairywren that hopped almost up to me as I stood very still one morning:

And for contrast, a pelican I saw when I popped out of a meeting for some fresh air a couple of days ago:


Julierose said...

Sounds like you had a lovely visit to the texture exhibit.
We had a lovely summer Day here--only in the low 80's and no humidity to speak of--a nice relief from our usual hot and humid...
Just a quiet Sunday...much appreciated....;)))hugs, Julierose

Jeanette said...

So glad you got to Golden Textures, the gallery is lovely and I second your comment about the toilets.
That wren is delightful, lucky you!

Pamela said...

The fairy wren is adorable! Interesting building and exhibit.

Maria said...

A fabulous exhibition to visit.
Both Wrens and Pelicans are two of my favourite birds.

Wendy said...

I think Orchids are hardier than we give them credit for (although you get colder nights than we do). I found one of Sarah's abandoned Orchids stuck in it's original pot down the backyard in Full Bloom!

Marie Králová said...

Interesting corrected gallery.
I hope that the construction works around your house are no longer bothering you.