Friday, January 12, 2018

Week Thirty-Three

This week started off hot, hot, hot:
My first purple day! Although, of course, my camera doesn't like purple so this isn't an accurate representation of how that centre hexagon really looks. You may remember last week I was in two minds about wanting to reach 40 on Saturday. And although it was an unpleasant day, with high winds and extreme fire danger, I was secretly happy to make a hexie in a new colour. There is one hotter colour, but I won't mind if I never use it - black for days over 45 degrees. The poor Sydney-dwellers reached 47 this week, and I don't envy them at all.

After that purple, the rest of the week was quite mild:

12/01/2018    26.2    orange
11/01/2018    33.1    red
10/01/2018    24.1    yellow
9/01/2018      20.9    yellow
8/01/2018      26.6    orange
7/01/2018      23.9    yellow
6/01/2018      40.8    purple

This week completes another row of my quilt. Here are all 33 weeks so far:

The top row is still not attached, as I'm still considering my options for the corner squares.

Linked to Sarah's weekly weather report, where some other participants have been experiencing a "snow bomb".


  1. Isn't it great to see how the colors change and develop? Yours is looking wonderful.

  2. Not looking forward to more purples, your colours are great but it means more extreme heat.

  3. Wow! How Beautiful that is going to be! Clever Girl you.

  4. Not having the extreme heat was a good trade off for no black hexies. We managed but everyone was lethargic and not mu h happened. Your quilt is going to need a label with an explanation for future generations. Keep stitching

  5. Your choice of fabrics is brilliant. All the blocks look great. I agree with Terry that a label with full explanation will be needed.

  6. I think it is much easier to handle the extreme cold we had been having than the extreme heat. We did have our typical January thaw this week, leaving puddles of melt everywhere, then Friday evening temps dropped and froze the melt. Traffic chaos. Now my yard is white with snowfall again. And I just keep sewing. I hope your gardens are handling the heat .

  7. I'm always happy to see new colors myself but not when they are that hot! Here's hoping it's a one and done color!!

  8. Your temperature hexie look great together..
    Do hope you never need to use the black..

  9. It's great to see the colours change. What a great range...