Thursday, January 4, 2018

That's Enough

Today I started actually assembling the mystery quilt:

I'm working from two corners towards the middle. I'm finding it quite slow going. I got to the stage where I had two rows of blocks on each end (which uses up 8 of my 25 blocks), when something went wrong as I assembled the next sashing row. As I was pressing it ready to sew it to the previous row, I discovered this:
The quick-unpick is pointing to one of three seams I needed to undo because I had the sashing piece facing the wrong way. I think that it was a sign I had done enough for the day.


  1. Oh no.. Yep you needed a rest...You've done very well.
    I've given up with the Mystery for awhile..

  2. Oh boy. This one is going to need some time spent on it... you are doing great..

  3. The orientation of the sashing is really confusing. It makes sense looking straight on at the quilt layout, but not when working with the diagonal rows. An understandable but frustrating mistake.

  4. Don't bust your boiler, take time, it is not a very straight forward pattern. Well done so far.

  5. Thanks for the good idea, working from both corners at once. I think I'll try that. Assembling this is very complicated.