Tuesday, January 16, 2018

For Sitting and Sewing

A couple of weeks ago amongst the junk mail that arrive in my inbox was a review of a new product called the "Lap App". It is a little table for your lap. It has spool pins, and a magnet for holding pins and needles, and a few other features. Here's the link for the details: Lap App Road Test. Here's a photo from that review:
I thought it was a cute idea, until I tracked down the price and found it was $130 (and with a 4-week wait for orders).

However, there is a handy woodworker in the family, so I showed it to him, and today at a sit & sew day I made a cover for my very own portable sewing table:
I used Jodie Carleton's "Sewing School" fabric for the cover.

Notice the extras: I have 5 spool pins, not just three. And 5 magnets, too!

I noticed that another Australian retailer is now selling an unfinished, uncovered version for $59, plus $12 postage. They will probably pop up everywhere now.


  1. I prefer yours, especially as it was handmade. I have seen a few around, a couple of ladies I know have them, only comment was, some of them are too high and they strain their shoulders leaning over them.

  2. Lucky you. It is a different take on the covered high density foam block that is popular with appliquérs in my group. I sometimes use an Ikea laptop lap table when I am armchair sewing. I have a non slip appliqué surface on top so that everything stays put.
    Very cute fabric on your cover.

  3. Great idea, so lucky to have a handy hubby!

  4. I also use an IKEA laptop table at home but it doesn't have magnets or spool pins. Your's looks great. Enjoy

  5. Looks like a handy gadget. It would save me sticking pins in the recliner arms!

  6. Lucky you... looks very handy