Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Binding And Concrete

I've finally finished quilting the mystery quilt, and it is binding time. I can never remember how wide I should cut the binding, but after asking for advice online, and doing a bit of a test, I'm recording it here that for this quilt I have cut the binding at 6cm.

And here is just over 6m of binding, joined, pressed, and wrapped around a small cutting board to keep it neat:
I gave myself an extra headache by using a stripy fabric. That meant the joins had to be sewn carefully so that the stripe matched. Several seams had to be sewn more than once!

To avoid the problems I've had sewing binding on straight in the past, I took the machine out of its cabinet and placed it on my cutting table. That gave me a much larger surface to support the quilt, although it did mean that I had to sew standing up.

But it did give me a much straighter seam, so I will do this again in future.

While I was sewing, outside this was happening:
A cement truck. And men doing manly things with concrete.
Apparently we need a pizza oven.


  1. Good binding tips here. It is a great choice for the quilt and well worth the effort needed to get the joins right.

  2. You truly do need a pizza oven, if you ask me. I would love one! Enjoy a pie for me, please! :)

  3. Love the fabric you chose for the binding. And yes, men doing manly things with concrete usually leads to things like pizza ovens ;)