Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Quartered Squares

I made some test blocks:
From instructions found at "Film in the Fridge" here. I'm trying this out as a way to get people involved the guild's "Quilts of Love" program. I thought if everyone made at least one of these units, in given colour families, we could have a sewing bee day to put them together. There's a couple of nice examples at "A Bright Corner" here, using donated blocks in either cool or warm colours.

The blocks are quartered then sewn together:
I chose to make green and blue sample blocks, because my box of green fabrics is so full that the lid won't go on. I'm not sure how many blocks I would have to make to get that lid on, but it is probably a large number!
Six re-assembled blocks. I will take these samples with me to our next meeting, to see if I can interest anyone else in making a block or two. If they don't like the idea I'll keep working on my blocks, and make a quilt to donate elsewhere.


  1. I think this is a great pattern especially with the group getting together.

  2. I like the block just for stash busting . As a group project it would blend various stashes together well. Report back on how it goes.

  3. Great block for group sewing from stash. If you need to look for another program to donate to check out Very Snuggly Quilts (Vic Quilters), they need quilts of all sizes and both genders for babies to teenages, who are long term patients at Royal Childrens Hospital. They have a website and instagram. Stawell Quilters are hosting Vic QUilters May meeting and I am running a Very Snuggly quilt making day in Horsham in June, but there are others a lot closer to you, before then.

  4. Keeping to specified colour families is a good idea. It would be a fun playing with all the block layouts before sewing together. Here's hoping your group agrees.

  5. I like that idea for my scraps - however - still have Wild & Goosey to finish............I'll file this one away, I think.............. thanks, Vireya!!!