Sunday, January 14, 2018


Cleared off my cutting table, used it to iron the quilt top and backing, then basted this quilt:
I had the quilt half done when I realised I had forgotten to trim the setting triangles and the corners:
Too late! I can trim them once it is quilted. I'll just have to remember not to quilt too close to the edges.

And because I know my progress on this quilt is really not that interesting to anyone else (although I like being able to check that last year I basted the mystery on the 16th January so I'm ahead two days this time) here's a honeysuckle flower in the back yard:


  1. Lovely honeysuckle! You have worked fast on Ringo Lake; have you already got a quilting plan?

  2. Looking forward to seeing this quilted and bound.
    Great photo of the honeysuckle. The flower is pretty but I find the scent too sickly sweet.

  3. Even if you don't think your photos are interesting they show progress. I on the other hand spent the day in the garage sorting through plastic crates and consolidating 4 down to one. The flowers are lovely .

  4. Great effort with basting the quilt... photos are great