Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Big Moth

Moth found on a post today:

A rather large moth:

How big?

That big!

It is probably a Wattle Goat Moth, Endoxyla lituratus. The larvae are borers in wattle trees for a number of years. The moth never eats, and only lives for about a week after it emerges.


  1. You explained the wattle part of the name, but goat?

  2. So cool. I can't believe it stayed still long enough for you to get the ruler and take a picture. Very complacent

  3. So cool. I haven't seen that one here. I collect moths in the summer, and that's an interesting hobby. I take some photoes of them, report them and let them go. I've found more that 160 different in my garden. You can find some of them on my other blog, link on my ordinary blog.

  4. That is one big moth, would love to see the wing span.

  5. I really admire your knowledge of your environment. I think you write about a different large moth once beforeo