Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Today's mystery quilt progress:
Sewing all the sashing pieces together.

Rather than make the setting triangles the way Bonnie did, I decided to use one fabric for all of them. Working out how to cut them was a bit of a maths challenge, until I remembered that somewhere in my sewing room was a Westalee Setting Triangles ruler which belongs to Ballaarat Quilters. I found it after a bit of a hunt. It was much easier than trying to cut these shapes with a combination of metric and imperial rulers in smaller sizes than required.
After that step, I thought I was ready to start assembling the quilt. However I checked all the numbers again and discovered I need to make 4 more sashing strips. That's a shame, as they were probably the unit I had the most trouble with in this mystery.

I laid out as much as would fit on my ironing board, just to get a feel for how this quilt will look:

It is a bit confusing because of the pink dotty cover on the ironing board, but I think I like it.

Tomorrow I'm planning to start assembling this quilt.


  1. You are so far ahead of me. That snake is horrible. Stay inside and keep sewing..

  2. I'm in awe of the folk who are already putting blocks together.i seam to have been cutting, sewing trimming iron forever and still not ready to put the blocks together....

  3. You are making fantastic progress. It is coming together really well.

  4. With the constant blue, it really is going to float on Ringo Lake

  5. You are doing really well. I actually like the quilt layout.