Monday, January 1, 2018


First day of the year.

First block assembled:
Still not the final reveal, but this morning Bonnie posted the block construction. By the end of the day I had 13 of my 25 blocks assembled.

First snake I've seen in this part of the world:
Pretty sure it was dead. It didn't move, anyway. It still gave me a fright, though! Anyone know what it is? There is a snake identification page on Facebook. I'm waiting for them to approve my membership so that I can ask them for an ID. I'll add the ID here once I know for sure.

***Added later: Snake identified as a lowland copperhead, Austrelaps superbus.  Highly venomous, but very shy.***

And those bees from yesterday? It has been a frustrating day of popping them in various box arrangements only to have them fly out again each time. At the moment the queen and a small number of bees are in a box, and the rest of the swarm are on the outside of that box. We will just have to leave them to sort themselves out, as they haven't been happy with anything we have tried.


  1. We mainly have brown snakes here, so my guess is a brown. Love the block and very impressed you are half way through completing them all!

  2. I looked on this website:
    It does not look exactly like any of the snakes there, but it is similar to the White-Lipped snake. It might be a brown snake though.
    It appears that most of the snakes in your area are highly venomous, so be careful with your dogs. At any rate, the snake looks well fed. That sends an important message too.
    Time to buy a snake identification book for the house.

  3. No idea about the snake. Saw a dead red bellied black snake near here once, that was easy to identify as it was belly up.

    Block looks very pretty.

  4. Your block looks fabulous, I'm still snowed under with the clues...
    Sorry no idea what the snake is...

  5. Those bees seem to have a mind of their own!

  6. Wonderful blocks but as soon as I started to scroll down, saw that snake, shut my eyes and went straight to comment. Didn't read what posted. Our friends last week had rubber ones on the front porch, I hopped, skipped and jumped as fast as I could to get in their door!!