Friday, January 26, 2018

Warm Week

Here's week 35 of my temperature-based year quilt (not actually stitched together yet):
A lot of warm colours, because there were a lot of warm days:

26/01/2018    31.3    red
25/01/2018    31.4    red
24/01/2018    27.0    orange
23/01/2018    26.9    orange
22/01/2018    29.8    orange
21/01/2018    35.1    magenta
20/01/2018    28.0    orange

It has also been very dry. The garden is looking parched. Late this afternoon a thunderstorm brought some quenching relief, although not all the rain ended up in the tank:

A little happy spot in my garden:
The zinnia plants which grew from the seeds that germinated back in November are just starting to flower.

Linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report.


  1. Quite a downpour, it has just reached here making my garden happy too. Fantastic zinnia photo.

  2. Oh what an unusual zinnia color--very pretty...your hexies are so lovely together...hugs, Julierose

  3. Very consistant temperatures this week .HOT Sydney has been the same bbut no rain for the garden here.

    Lake Ringo looks great. Well done on a timely finish.

  4. Please send a bit warm weather to us. Just now we're snowing down.

  5. Perhaps buckets may be needed on the outside of the tank to catch the overflow. I placed 4 outside in the open and they were half filled this morning. Enough to water my hanging pots.

  6. Lucky you getting some rain, its just been relentless heat here! Hope the tank managed to get something in it. But blessing for the garden all around I am sure.

  7. Oh I hope thats an overflowing tank not a slipped pipe...
    Gorgeous Zinnia..

  8. Such happy, warm colors in your rosette for yet another hot, hot week. Thankfully you got the rain even tho it was a gully-washer - they always are when you are desperate for rain. Love the zinnia!