Saturday, January 13, 2018

Slow Sewing

Today I had big plans to get the mystery quilt basted. It was the first sit & sew day of the year, so I took along my quilt top, the backing, and a bag full of large batting offcuts to piece together for this quilt.

I had hoped to be able to make the "frankenbatting" with just two offcuts, but the pieces weren't quite as large as I had hoped. I ended up needing 4 pieces, which meant hand-sewing three joins across the width of the quilt rather than just one.

Doesn't that make an exciting picture? Doing the three joins took almost the whole day - from 11 to 3, anyway, with breaks for lunch, chatting, cuppas, stretching my back. But after I finished the last seam I had no energy left to tackle the actual basting. And everyone else was packing up for the day, so I did the same.

And just because it is more interesting than the top photo:
Crinum lily flowering again under the back verandah.

Now my job will be to clear off the cutting table so that I can baste the quilt on it in sections.


  1. Our sit and sew is this Saturday, will have to find something to take. A great way to use up batting pieces.

  2. I don't think this is what the slow stitching movement have in mind.

  3. I like to use the machine on the largest zig zag setting to join my batting. Mind you I did find a roll of the tape you can use to join batting when I had a clean up....we will see if it stays in an easy to find place so I can actually use it!

  4. I also join my batting like Sue. Takes no time at all to join the pieces.

  5. Great to see you use up what you have. When you are on a roll you want to get it done... good job