Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Just over a year ago our fish moved into their new home. I carefully counted them at the time, and we had 14 fish; 8 gold ones and 6 multi-coloured ones. This is a photo from their first day in the pond, which includes all but one of them:

I said at the time that the fish seemed to be happy in the big pond. I think we have the proof now.
Unfortunately my camera would only focus on the wire mesh rather than the fish, but in this photo you can see one of the original fish at the bottom right, and towards the top in the centre, a tiny new fish!

But then look at this:
The fish I've drawn the yellow ring around is bigger than the baby in the first photo, but much smaller than the fish that have been in the pond for a year.

I couldn't get decent photos of them, but there seem to be three different sizes of baby fish. And there are now many more than the original 14 fish.


  1. Do the big ones ever eat the babies? Is there a limit to how many you can keep? I think I'd be watching them swim around all the time. It's kind of relaxing to watch.

  2. Hope your enjoying your new home as much as the fish.

  3. You must have a talent for caring for fish.
    Maybe you could try having a slightly bigger fish pond for fish to eat. It's really no different in concept to keeping chickens.

  4. Well done, so nice to know that they are happy in their new home. I think the mesh is a good idea, otherwise I am sure the local birds would have had a field day!