Thursday, January 25, 2018


Today was the first meeting for the year of my CBD quilting friends. Lots of people made it into town, and it was fun catching up with everyone. A highlight for me was seeing another version of Ringo Lake:

You can read about the changes Jeanette made to the pattern to get this fantastic result here, as well as see a photo that represents the colours more accurately. The shop lighting today has given the quilt a slightly yellow cast.

Here are the two versions spread out for comparison:
 Mine underneath, and Jeanette's on top in the foreground.

If  I do another mystery I might take a similar approach - make a small quilt at the end of the mystery, controlling the colours and fabric placement to produce a quilt with impact, rather than another over-all scrappy look.

Another highlight of the day was seeing Jenni's photo book of her trip to Morocco last year. And discussing year quilts and temperature quilts (and mood quilts, would you believe?), and trips to India and Sri Lanka and Thailand and Cambodia that people have just taken or are about to take. It was a good day of catching up, but I was glad to come back to the quiet of home after all the city noise.


  1. I have to agree it was a day of many highlights. It was wonderful to see your quilt too.

  2. I like both versions.. But I'd still do mine scrappy. Look how much fabric you get rid of.
    See you soon...

  3. I see so many versions, and all of them are pretty. As long as you make the contrasts like in the pattern, it's ok. I love your colors.

  4. Pleased you had a great day..Both quilts look fabulous ...

  5. For the same pattern, they were both so different in colour, beautiful work by both of you.