Sunday, January 6, 2019


Back in November I mentioned visiting a friend and coming home with a car load of curtains. She had had new drapes made, but when they arrived some of them were not correct for her order - the lining had been left out. The manufacturer remade new drapes for her, and told her to "dispose" of the incorrect ones. She disposed of them to me!

Since then I have been busy with other stuff, but a few days ago I bought a track, and today we hung a couple of the drapes in the bedroom:

They are a perfect length, and the colour is so close to our wall paint that it is amazing. You would never imagine that they were actually made for a completely different house.

I do need to do some sewing to change the widths of the drapes, but that can wait. For now I have a window with curtains, and I am happy! A new house is about to be built on the block directly across the road from this window, and I will be glad to not have builders looking into our bedroom when they start work before I've even woken up.

Thank you Jenni, for thinking of me when considering how to dispose of your incorrect drapes!


  1. Hi Vireya how lucky was that,what a good friend to think of giving them to you,they look great hanging up xx

  2. Wasn't that a wonderful gift? they look great...good you will have some privacy for the future...
    Very cold here this morning 21 degrees F--Brrr--we will have to bundle up for our walk...hugs, julierose

  3. They look great. You will certainly notice the difference in temperature in the room, especially in winter and hopefully sleep better in a darker room.

  4. Perfect! You are sure to smile and think of Jenni every morning from now on.

  5. Yay for new drapes and yay for getting your Fortune to a closer finish. But wow on seeing Koalas up close!!!