Monday, November 19, 2018

State Rose Garden

Today I had a lovely lunch with a couple of quilting friends. One of them is a long-time volunteer at the State Rose Garden, and before lunch we popped over to have a look.

I have been to the gardens several times, but I've never seen them like this; every bush and climber covered in flowers.

The rose garden is in a hollowed out depression, and is set out like a Tudor rose, although you can't really see the design from ground level. The gazebo is in the centre of the Tudor rose, with paths radiating out between the "petals".

Between the paths there are beds of single varieties of rose.

The perfume from all these roses, on a warm sunny day, was overwhelming.

Unfortunately your nose habituates to the rose perfume, so if you try to sniff a particular variety, you can't tell if it is perfumed or not.
But it was fantastic to see and smell the whole garden.

After lunch my friends gave me some useful advice on my Christmas challenge quilt. And I also came home with a car-load of curtains - but that's a post for another day.


  1. How gorgeous! Roses have a nostalgic smell for me, a smell from my childhood.

  2. Beautiful sea of colors--the Town i grew up in had a beautiful (smaller though) Rose Garden by a pond (which they froze for winter skating); I used to wander around there in spring on my way home from my
    nearby school--fond memories...thanks for sharing
    hugs, julierose

  3. You visited at peak time, once the heat of summer comes, they will suffer a little. I wonder what will greet me this morning after the rain yesterday, no doubt the paths will be carpeted with petals. Thank you for visiting our garden.

  4. I hadn't thought about being overwhelmed by the rose perfume, it must have been wonderful. The views across the beds with all that colour are swoon worthy.

  5. Hi Vireya wow what an amazing place so pretty and how lovely you spent your time with friends. Could you please tell me where this garden is please i would love to take hubby out there.