Monday, November 5, 2018


The guest speaker at the horticultural society meeting this evening was an iris fan.

And he had iris fans for sale:
The ones we bought are -

Poster Girl. gorgeous pink-apricot-mauve sort of colour.

Magician's Apprentice - very dark purple, which apparently stain fabrics, so could be worth trying as a dye.

Obsessed - burgundy colour.

Plus a "lucky dip" bunch of 4 un-labelled ones. Could be anything!


  1. oooh they sound fabulous...I love iris--especially the scented ones--Will be looking forward to seeing your blooms...hugs, Julierose

  2. An interesting haul. Clever way to name them.

  3. wonderful i love Iris there was a little cafe come Iris farm just outside of Beauford which had some beautiful Iris,they were stunning.

  4. You have caught the "Iris Virus"....will be interesting to see what the lucky dips are like.