Saturday, January 5, 2019

Mystery Reveal

Almost the first thing I did this morning when I woke up (after letting the ducks and chooks out) was to check for a new mystery clue. And as the Quiltville page opened, I saw Good Fortune in her header, and the mystery was revealed:
So that's what we have been making! All those odd-sized pieces end up as borders, which is why they were so puzzling. And later I discovered that Bonnie had miscalculated how many of the first clue we needed to make, which is why the pieces added up to more than the area of the quilt. No worries, it just added to the mysteriousness of the thing.

Mine won't look like Bonnie's because of the colour changes I made. Her warm-coloured blocks are my cool ones and vice-versa. It will be fun to compare them when I get mine together, but first there is a lot of sewing to do.

I assembled all of this unit, which makes up a quarter of the spinning star block:
And as I was pressing them I found this one where I had managed to include the same neutral fabric without noticing as I sewed. Too bad, it is staying that way! Vireya's Law of Scrap Quilts, first formulated in 2011, says that "No matter how careful you are about layout, you will always find two pieces of the same fabric beside each other after you have sewn the whole quilt together." Only this time I found it earlier and I don't care.

The alternate block creates a chain across the quilt. You can see the neutral diagonal lines in Bonnie's quilt in the photo above. But as I started to put a block together, I wondered about changing the orientation of the 4-patches, to give a blue chain effect. Here's what I mean:
On the right is the block as designed, with the neutral diagonals. On the left, the alternative I'm considering with blue diagonals. (The one on the right looks a bit squat because it is half sewn together.)

Tomorrow I will make up a couple of the star blocks and position them around these alternatives, to get a better idea of what might look best in the quilt.


  1. Oh very nice work--Hugs, Julierose

  2. The mystery has come to light, think it will look very different with your colours. A great way to use scraps.

  3. Hope you have had time to make some of the other blocks. Think it will be great both ways.

  4. I like the blue chain option, think that will contrast nicely with the orange stars, but look forward to seeing it all tomorrow!

  5. How interesting to find out! I look forward to seeing your finish!

  6. Your blues make a strong contrast and so make a better chain than the neutrals. It is something I have noticed on blocks that have already been posted elsewhere, the chains are lost when there are busy neutrals. How the corner works with the orange that will be interesting to see. Good to have alternatives.