Friday, January 4, 2019

Too Hot

First thing this morning I was out watering the garden in preparation for the forecast heat. A lot of the garden is now on a dripper system, but the parts that aren't were going to need some help today.

I was surprised to discover that the first of the crepe myrtles has flowers already:
They had popped open in the last day or so without me noticing.

In one corner of the garden there is a forest of gladioli in bud, courtesy of a clearance sale at Garden Express:
Dozens of them, of unknown varieties. All sorts of colours are beginning to peek out of the buds. Expect to be bored with gladdie flower pictures over the next couple of weeks!

This one is my favourite so far of the new ones:

This one isn't new, but it was looking beautiful as the sun came up:
As the sun rose the temperature rapidly climbed into the 30s. I retreated inside, but on my way I saw my first march fly of the season. Another reason I don't like being outside in summer!

I stayed in for the rest of the day, until the cool change mercifully arrived later in the afternoon. Before it did arrive, we reached a top of 41.9. Too darn hot!


  1. Too hot is right!!
    Your gladiolii are gorgeous--I love that lilac one...beautifull hugs, Julierose

  2. Your gladies are just gorgeous, love the pink. I only have red, but they pop up everywhere without fuss, so on my favorites list, so must buy some more in different colours. Our crepe myrtle has started the flower too, but very very little still. The heat on Friday burnt edges of some of the rose leaves - was ridiculously hot, so glad of the cool change.

  3. Beautiful gladdies, such an old fashioned flower. I think it is the tall tapering shape that immediately reminds me of paintings from the 30's. Your garden was well prepared for the heat and staying inside a smart move.

  4. Glads were my grandfathers favorite flower...or at least I think so as he enjoyed growing a bed of them. I tried my hand at them once...and failed, but they are so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more pix of them.