Wednesday, January 9, 2019


A few blooming things:

This rose is "Joyfulness":
It is another of the lucky-dip box of roses.

First flower on one of my transplanted dahlias:
Something has had a bit of a nibble at the petals. This is the unknown orange dahlia that was meant to be purple, looking quite red.

The sea of gladdies is blooming marvellously:

 A couple of weeks back I heard about a sew-along using Lori Holt's pattern Bloom:
The pattern is free, and it looked like a good quilt for using up some scraps, so I thought I would join in.

But like last year's "Friendship" quilt along:

the pattern is a free download, but the templates have to be purchased. I was lucky with "Friendship" because Amanda Herring the designer sent me the templates herself, and only charged me the actual postage cost, which was $8. The Bloom templates are available from a few retailers in the US, but the postage charges put them outside my budget. Not helped by the current exchange rate of course. So this is what I didn't buy:

Photo from Lori Holt's blog here. There's also a link to the pattern download there.

I dropped the idea of making the Bloom quilt, but Cheryll at Gone Stitchin' said I was welcome to join in the sew-along anyway. Rather than making the Bloom quilt, I will be making the "Inspired by Bloom" quilt, using the Friendship templates, or other templates I have or can draw.

I have already cut the background squares, but I haven't chosen all the fabrics I will use because I have been concentrating on finishing the Good Fortune mystery quilt. So I am linking to Cheryll's first Bloom link-up without having done what we are supposed to be showing off, our fabric choices! Next time I will have something to show.


  1. It's wonderful to have you join in with your variation of BLooM. Anything that keeps us sewing & motivated is a gOOd thing. See you in 2 weeks... xox

  2. Beautiful gladdies, love the colours.

  3. Hi Vireya such pretty flowers ,Chez ;s sew a long will be fun ,i look forward to watching yours grow.
    Wow how good to have Amanda sound you the templates what a lovely thing to do for you,have fun and i hope you have a lovely day my friend,the weather is a bit kinder to us over the last couple of days xx

  4. That is a lot of appliqué! Your new machine will be put through its paces. If you stick to the beautiful colours of your own flowers you can't go far wrong.

  5. At least you have a plan and a path to creating a lovely quilt!

  6. Lovely flowers--sometimes they surprise you don't they?
    Hope you enjoy making this new quilt...hugs, Julierose