Friday, December 14, 2012

Blooming Orange

Spot the difference:
On the right, the packet which claimed to contain one tuber of Dahlia "Marie Antoinette".
On the left, the first flower from that tuber. It is beautiful but I don't think it is what it claims to be! I was getting a bit suspicious of the colour as the bud grew, but now those suspicions are confirmed.

Also in flower for the first time, an unnamed hybrid vireya that came from the Friends of the Botanic Gardens plant sale last year:
Rhododendron (vireya) lochiae x macgregoria.


  1. I love the idea of an "unnamed hybrid vireya" grown by Vireya ;) As for the random dahlia, at least it's the same colour as the vireya.

  2. hi, sorry i've not been to visit recently but this morning after seeing your post it inspired me to take a closer look at one of my dahlias. You could be interested, i've blogged it, several different flower colours and types on one bush. cheers

  3. We are back in yangon and back in communication with the world, so I made a bee line for your blog, but all the same up country Myanmar is great