Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Street - Step Two

I rushed home from work today to check my letterbox, but the postie had let me down again.

One problem I have with doing this mystery quilt is that I can't convert the measurements into metric ones, as I don't know where it is all going and what size the final bocks will be. So, I'm reluctantly working in inches. I have only one large ruler in inches, so at an online sale last Monday I purchased the rulers Bonnie uses to make her flying geese. (Companion Angle and Easy Angle). They were apparently posted on Friday, but unfortunately they are still in transit somewhere.

In anticipation of them arriving, I have cut the strips to suit:
But tonight I had to make a few by a different method just to have something to show! Once the rulers arrive I'll make the rest. Another 124 or so.

To see a couple of hundred other people around the world who are participating in the mystery, visit the part two link-up on Bonnie's blog.


  1. All looking very good. My blogger friend in Holland is also waiting for her rulers.

  2. I really like the rulers and I think you will too once you adjust to thinking in inches.

  3. I am a metric girl too. I often switch from imperial to metric halfway thorugh quilts - it can be interesting. If I am cutting a lot of pieces, I usually mark the ruler with some coloured tape, so I know I am using the same line each time. I hope postie brings your parcel tomorrow.

  4. This was my first time using the recommended rulers, and found them very easy to use. I hope you do as well! Best wishes! Have fun!

  5. I sure hope the rulers have arrived by now. But you are showing some real dedication by getting started in the mean time. Good luck

  6. Oh my! I would have a very difficult time trying to make the conversion without the rulers. I hope the post doesn't let you down tomorrow and you get a little measuring package. Your geese look great without the rulers!