Sunday, December 9, 2012

Easy Street - Step Three

The third part of Bonnie Hunter's online mystery quilt. First lots of cutting, then some chain-piecing, then some pressing, repeat, repeat, finish!

Adding the second background triangle.

Adding the larger triangle to complete the square.

All done!

64 of these units made.

I'll put a link here to all the other people making Easy Street when Bonnie sets it up on Monday. 249 people linked-up last week!
Here's the link: Monday Link-up


  1. You did great, I'm still working on part 2, those Flying Geese gave me problems. lol But I'm a still going at it. Love the colors you chose.

  2. I'm really loving your fabric choices!

  3. The larger block is very dynamic. Glad your making it?

  4. Nice job, getting closer now!
    On the other hand I hate to see it end. :)
    Sharyn in Kalama

  5. Hi Vireya,

    They are looking good. I am loving the colours very much. Something out of my comfort zone. I am normally an appliquer so this is going together rather fast.

    I feel I should know you as we obviously live close!
    ( I am just out of Bendigo!)

    Perhaps we will meet up one day!

    Cheers, Maree

  6. Your units look fabulous. I have some of that butterfly fabric too from way back when.

  7. Love the varity of blues Not that many blues in my stash. I enjoyed reading the rest of your posts. What amazing things you can grow. Shirley

  8. What awesome variety you have! Your blocks are looking very scrappy which I LOVE! Did you use the angle rulers for your blocks or do you have another method? Your lines and points are so sharp. Awesome job!

  9. Love the variety with your blues, so far have only seen one material in all the pics I have looked at that I have and it was a purple from someone in the US!
    I can't wait to see what they make when assembled.
    P.s. Hope you got that spider out of your sewing room.

  10. Your mystery blocks look great!
    Step #4 is posted...I'm off to sew!