Sunday, October 22, 2017

Woowookarung Wildflower Walk

A walk in the park, guided by naturalists, with about 40 or so other people, looking at tiny wildflowers: 

Pink bells, Tetratheca ciliata:
I've never seen it before, but it is growing through lots of the park.

Just buds on this penny-leaf flat pea, Platylobium rotundum, which is a rare plant formally described in 2011:

You can see where the beard orchids (Calochilus) get their name:

Although the common beard-heath, Leucopogon virgatus, is not so obvious until you zoom in:
The flowers are tiny, and I couldn't see their little hairs at all.

The Field Naturalists' club have put up information signs (you can see one in my second photo) which will stay there for a week or so, for those who couldn't be there today.


  1. That would have been a most enjoyable walk. Where is this park?

  2. This is fantastic. I hope that one day some of these lovely plants will be on sale in Australian nurseries.