Saturday, October 7, 2017

Garden Lovers' Fair

Our destination is somewhere behind the dust cloud:
The parking area for visitors to the Mount Macedon Horticultural Society's annual fair. It is seven years since the last time I went to the fair, and in between it has changed venue. Now it is held at Bolobek, a historic property at Mount Macedon. And as an added bonus, visitors to the fair get to wander round the Bolobek gardens as well.

The gardens are very green and white:

And seem to go on forever:
Not the best time of year for the walled rose garden:
But the rhododendrons were beautiful:

Meanwhile, back at the fair:

There were all sorts of plants to buy, although no daylilies this time. (That's all I bought last time.) There were lots of peonies, but I don't need more of them at the moment. The only purchases were some dwarf bearded irises and a small selection of perennials. But the highlight of the day was the beautiful Bolobek gardens.


  1. Wish I had known as I have wanted to go but wasn't sure when or where.

  2. What a wonderful garden. Everyone at the fair looks deadly serious, I would have like to have just chilled out on that lovely seat under the trees.

  3. Wow, I need to put this in my diary for next year, definitely worth a visit just to see the garden.

  4. Thanks for the walk through -beautiful garden so different to anything we can do here in Queensland (although I'm sure there are a few) - still love our sub-tropical/tropical gardens. The grass was sooooo green!!!!