Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hanging Pots

Planted up the rest of the hanging pots:
Two have trailing nasturtiums, as seen in the greenhouse last month when the seeds germinated. I've bravely put them outside now. In the other four pots I've planted petunias; two with Dichondra "Silver Falls", and two with a couple of trailing sedums (Cherry tart and Lime).


  1. I have Dichondra inside and it makes a lovely pot plant, but has to live up on top of a cupboard to make the most of the trailing leaves! Perfect for your hanging baskets.
    Gymea lillies were always spectacular when we lived in Sydney, they were planted by freeways and I always marvelled at how tough they must be with all that pollution to survive and flower.

  2. Oh these will be so beautiful when they bloom...
    lovely set up you have there...hugs, Julierose

  3. I'm just catching up... those tulips are beautiful. Funny about the dogs... Hope you have worked out your KOBO. I work with ladies that just love going to IKEA. I have friends that have been on the cover of one edition. They were happy. 3 generations in print.. cool.