Friday, October 13, 2017

Week Twenty

Last week I mentioned that the 7-day forecast didn't include any aqua/teal days, but look what happened:
Three teal days!

13/10/2017   13.9    aqua/teal
12/10/2017   14.4    aqua/teal
11/10/2017   19.7    green
10/10/2017   18.9    green
9/10/2017     14.6    aqua/teal
8/10/2017     22.8    yellow
7/10/2017     19.8    green

Should I mention that the forecast for the coming week also includes no aqua/teal days? That in fact it has two green days and the rest yellow or orange?


  1. Oh boy the yellow is. Going to change things up. A noticeable change

  2. It is starting to get interesting, but you know Melbourne, changes weather at the drop of a hat.