Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dahlias In

My dahlia tubers have all started shooting, so it is time to get them into the ground:

It's the first time I've actually lifted dahlias for the winter (rather than because I was moving house), so I'm happy to see that they want to grow again for another year.

Some more spring bulbs looking good:
 Pink tritonia above, and Gladiolus (carneus?) below.


  1. I have the 2 above. I didn't plant the bulbs, they just emerged.

  2. As we head into autumn, you are seeing the new growth of spring. Your flowers are so pretty.

  3. Just lovely flowers--you will have a beautiful bower...hugs, Julierose

  4. Thanks for letting me know, a friend gave me a tuber and it hasnt shot so I will have to go hunt up one at the nursery. I have always wanted dahlias but previous attempts at getting tubers have been a fail also, I must do something wrong....like ignore them! Thats why I like the hardy bulbs, plant them once and forget until spring! So impressed (and jealous) you are getting peonies, will look forward to seeing more photos of those.