Monday, October 2, 2017

Geelong Botanic Gardens

In all my trips to and through Geelong over the years, I have never visited their Botanic Gardens. Until today!

Highlights included this gymea lily (Doryanthes excelsa) flower about to open:
We have planted three in our garden - I wonder if they will do this one day?

Pelargonium collection:
Over 200 varieties on display.

Must plant some of these!

A peony or two:
My peonies are a long way from flowering yet. One has a bud, but the other two are only about 5cm tall so far.

In fact it seems that spring in Geelong is several weeks ahead of here. The wisteria on this arch is just starting to flower:
Whereas ours have only the beginnings of swelling growth buds so far. And in the first picture, there are some open echium flowers to the left of the gateway, but our echiums are just starting to think about sending up flower spikes.


  1. We often visit the garden for a coffee and the huge gingko tree to collect fallen leaves for drying.

  2. The Geelong Gardens are very interesting, although the welcome crew look a little wooden.