Thursday, October 19, 2017

Edith Head in Bendigo

The Bendigo Art Gallery's latest exhibition is The Costume Designer: Edith Head and Hollywood.

I used my phone for photos inside the gallery, as photography is allowed but no flashes. My camera would not have been able to take shots like this:
Costumes worn by Dorothy Lamour (the tiny sarong), and Barbara Stanwyck (the black one and the white one). All those actresses seemed to have been very tiny - particularly around the waist!

As well as about 70 costumes (and not all of them are women's), there are photos and movie clips showing them being worn, sketches with fabric samples, an Oscar, and documentary films.

I was very interested in these items:
I had read that Edith Head had done some Vogue pattern designs, but I'd never seen any before.

Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt has a regular series of posts called "Seamstresses in Fine Art". I'm always amazed by her finds, as I don't remember ever seeing a painting in that category in a gallery. Until today! This painting is elsewhere in the Bendigo Gallery:
Amalie Colquhoun, Australia, 1894 - 1974. The Bridesmaid, c1942.
Not a great photograph of it, as it is very high up on the wall.

This wonderful shady flowering tree grabbed my attention:

The shade was inviting as it was 30 degrees in Bendigo - higher than expected, so I wasn't dressed for the weather. The tree is a horse chestnut. There are a couple of smaller ones in the adjoining park:
 Just gorgeous!
 And bees love them, too:

The Edith Head exhibition is on until January. Worth the trip if you are at all interested in movies or costumes.


  1. Next on my list of Gallery Visits, thanks for the preview. Your new phone's camera is working very well.
    The horse chestnut is beautiful.

  2. Thank you for the photos from the exhibition. It is something that I would be interested in but know I will never get there.