Sunday, October 29, 2017

Test Sew

I volunteered to do a couple of skill demonstrations at the quilt show next weekend. One of my topics is paper foundation piecing:
I thought I might use this block for my demonstration. It is "Songbird" by Kristy at QuietPlay.  But as I sewed this test I began to think it might be way too complicated. Maybe this will just be an example, but I will actually demonstrate something much simpler...


  1. How cute! I'd like to make one of these, but it does look difficult. I'd love to see your demonstration. I hope you will be able to have someone take photos.

  2. Sweet block, but I think a bit complicated for a demonstration....but you might be better at sewing and talking at the same time then me!!

  3. Lots of pieces in that one. Wild & Goosey might a simpler one but it still has 13 pieces. Look forward to seeing what you decide.

  4. It might be useful to have this cute one in sections just to show how more complicated images are constructed.
    One aspect that is tricky is working out the size and shape of the flipped piece. Doing this in your demo would be really useful.

  5. I think I have only done one paper piecing project so I would agree with you that this may be a little complicated for newbies. It is beautifully done.

  6. That looks so hard someone like me would never try it. If it was big, like a centre panel in a quilt, I might be tempted though. Will the instructions be available as a handout or a kit to buy?
    How many pieces do you think a beginner should try?
    The shape I was helped to do, and was still unable to finish, was a boat with a mast, a sail, and a flag. The other shape, and one the other students finished, was a lighthouse. A Christmas star or a house might make a good demonstration.
    I think that the spectators/customers/students would love to see what you have made previously, and to see some in completed projects too.