Friday, October 20, 2017

Warming Up

Week 21 looks a bit different:

I thought this might be my first week without aqua, but at the last minute (today) the temperature dropped back to winter again:

20/10/2017    13.3   aqua/teal
19/10/2017    22.5   yellow
18/10/2017    28.2   orange
17/10/2017    27.6   orange
16/10/2017    25.8   orange
15/10/2017    22.1   yellow
14/10/2017    15.9   green

Those warm days got things moving in the garden. Here's the first of the regular roses to open:
 Fragrant Plum.

Post linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report. This week there is a new participant, who has added her own terrific touches to the concept.


  1. Big changes in temperature this week for both of us!

  2. A lively pop of colour for this week, but it might be on its own for a bit.

  3. The teal is a nice compliment to the other colorf but I'm sure you'll be pleased when it's gone for good!!