Friday, October 6, 2017

Third Row

Week nineteen completes the third row of my year quilt:

Although it is definitely spring, this week was still more than 50% aqua, the colour of most of my winter.

6/10/2017    14.0    aqua/teal
5/10/2017    16.7    green
4/10/2017    23.8    yellow
3/10/2017    21.2    yellow
2/10/2017    14.9    aqua/teal
1/10/2017    14.2    aqua/teal
30/09/2017  12.1    aqua/teal

However the forecast for the next week doesn't include any aqua/teal days. Maybe winter has gone away?


  1. It is gorgeous! Isn't it fun to see the gradual changes?

  2. Isn't it interesting to see the seasonal changes taking place--one step forward, two steps back --kind of thing. I really love how this is coming out. I can see one in my future this coming year as I am going to have to move to making smaller pieces--maybe a month's worth and labeled Jan, Feb, etc for table toppers? thanks for sharing your lovely progress...hugs, Julierose

  3. Even though the colour aqua is a favourite of mine, nice to see the yellows appearing. 26 one day this coming week, a very lovely quilt is emerging. Not looking forward to summer as it is predicted to be a scorcher.

  4. Something is stirring in the corner of the quilt, it must be spring.