Monday, December 26, 2016

Sweet Things

A lovely cooler, grey day today, complete with rain! Very refreshing after the hot day yesterday.

Daylily Huckleberry Candy flowering:
The last time I blogged it was five years ago, and I really don't know if it has flowered in any of the intervening years or not. But it seems quite happy in its new home, with multiple buds developing behind this first flower.

Rescue daylily flowering:
The garden where it used to live is now under concrete, so it is nice to see it flowering here.

The first gladiolus to open is white:
Today I planted a few more that were part of a Christmas gift. They are supposed to be purple with white stripes, but it will be some time before we can know if they really are.

Vireya Chayya is covered in flowers:
There are nine trusses of flowers like this, and several buds still to open.

It occurred to me this afternoon that yesterday was Jack's third birthday, so here's the little sweetie a couple of days ago:
Perched on the back of an armchair, keeping an eye on the little lizards out in the garden.

Tonight one of our neighbours and his young son brought us a plate full of sweet things they'd made, including these really cute little teddies in cars:
Very sweet!


  1. You always have such beautiful flower photos; I wish I had the flowers!

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  3. Beautiful blooms, and belated birthday greetings to Jack