Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Long Day

Today is the summer solstice. Shorter days from now on, although it won't be immediately obvious as the sun will keep setting later for another week or two. It is just getting up a bit later as well.

Blue Moon rose starting to open:
The other day I said there were four roses left which hadn't yet flowered, but I can't count properly. There are really only two more after this one.

I made a couple of potholders:
Anyone doing the En Provence mystery quilt will probably identify the inspiration for the one on the left. The one on the right was my test piece for the centre of my Hazel quilt, made back in January and kicking around the sewing room ever since. Both of them lost their points when I put the binding on, but that's too bad.

Speaking of inspiration, you should go and look at the amazing block Sally created after she saw my post from last week about the kangaroo outside the kitchen window.


  1. I enjoy seeing your flowers as well as your quilts. It is cold and gloomy here now, so I really appreciate the rose.

  2. Hope the up and coming heat doesn't burn your beautiful roses.