Friday, December 9, 2016

Playing in the Mud

After yesterday's rain the fishpond-to-be accumulated a bit of water. The water attracted some insects. The insects attracted Dot, who spent ages trying to catch them or chase them off:

Getting very muddy in the process!

Just after lunch I noticed water flowing away from our water tank, out to the street. That shouldn't be happening. Somehow a pipe underground has developed a leak.
That's the pipe, although we can't see where the hole is. The water blew up to the surface, and we lost thousands of litres before we noticed it. The water pump was turned off before this picture was taken. Unfortunately our plumber is away, and won't be back until Monday morning. So we have no water until then!

Because it is a warranty issue, we can't just get another plumber out. So it is going to be a fun weekend. At least our plumber is only away for the weekend and not off on a round the world trip!


  1. Good thing you have friendly neighbours.

  2. Oh my. Can you fill buckets for personal use?

  3. Sounds unbearable. I wish you the best of luck with this little problem.

    1. We're managing - but looking forward to tomorrow morning!

  4. Hopefully the plumber gets there first thing & can find the leak quickly!

    Dot looks like she was having a blast.