Saturday, December 3, 2016

More Orange Things

Spotted in a junk shop today:
Who could resist an orange sewing machine with pretty flower decals all over it?
It is a hand-crank machine. All the mechanism moved smoothly, and the bobbin case was there. But there seemed to be a problem with the bobbin-winder. It is missing! So $89 seemed a bit steep and I left it there.

Back home in the garden some pretty orange flowers of our own:


  1. What a cool looking machine! but I agree $89. is a bit high for a machine with missing pieces. Pity though - it's quite unique. Would they negotiate?

  2. The model 15 clone machine may be missing a bobbin winder, but it does have the feed dog control on top. This is a common improvement on these clones which turn up in all sorts of colours.

  3. Not sure how I keep missing your posts. Oh my! I'm afraid that orange machine would drive me batty! Orange is not my color, but I'm sure somewhere there is someone who would love it. Your orange flowers are our state (California) flower known as California Poppies; we see the two-toned ones here too. Do they go by another name there?

  4. Aren't Kubota tractors also orange?