Friday, December 23, 2016

Surprise Clue Five

This morning when I woke up I was startled to see this:
Was this a bad situation? Was it smoke or mist? I quickly went outside to check, but fortunately there was no smell of smoke. Phew! That's one way to get your heart going in the morning.

Bonnie gave us a big surprise today, releasing the fifth clue to the En Provence mystery at about 3:00pm instead of 11:00pm as she has the other clues. I was hoping to cut into our yellow and green fabrics this week:
 Daylily blooming today.

But instead, it's more of this:
Purple and white salvia, which has just started blooming again. I wonder how long until the crimson rosellas find it and destroy it as they did last summer?

So, another week of purple and neutral units. Not the light purple:
First flower on the Lagerfeld rose open this morning.

But the dark purple:

Added  much later: Monday Link-up!


  1. I have just finished my clue 5 too. I am happy I love the purples.
    The yellow and greens are going to be very interesting. Wow. Does that mean we have a very busy week or 2 ahead of us with the next clues....

  2. Wow! Your quick; I haven't seen the clue yet, even though I've been up for six hours! Going there now straight away!

  3. You are fast! I saw the clue come up last night and I have yet to go down to the studio and sew mine. I was hoping for yellow & greens this week, too. Makes me think we have at least two more Fridays to go.

  4. Your purples are working really well with your neutrals - again. We are being kept guessing to the very last. Not started yet, sewing room is a cat free zone at the moment, so waiting until it is sleep time.

  5. Your purples are lovely - from your triangles to that perfect salvia!

  6. What an awesome photo of the sun-rays through the mist. So glad it wan't smoke although it was sure hot enough!
    Christmas Greetings to you and yours - Wendy.

  7. Vireya, your link back does not work. You had better fix it before Bonnie deletes you! It comes up as uiltville. Love, Annemarie Smithers, Moss Vale NSW Australia

    1. Thanks, Annemarie! I don't know how I lost the "Q", but I've fixed it now.

  8. i was hoping for the yellows and greens also, alas purple it is