Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fish Move Home

This morning the pond liner was put in place, and the hose turned on:
And a couple of hours later, the fish found themselves with a lot more room to move!
After living in a small round plastic pond for about 16 months, they seem very happy to have such a large space to move around in. We weren't sure how many fish there are. There are eleven in the previous photo, but after multiple counts as they swam past me, I think there are fourteen all together. Eight gold ones, and six multi-coloured ones. I managed to get thirteen of them in this photo:
Including the giant fish who wasn't in the top photo.

There is a bit of work to do on the surroundings of the pond, and lots of plants will be added to it. But the fish seem happy so far. They are covered with bird-netting for now, to keep them safe from kookaburras:


  1. There is a tiny bit of tail on the right edge, could that be #14? It is going to be a lovely home for them.

  2. Fish - welcome to your new home, hope you enjoy your new surrounds.

  3. They have plenty of room to swim around.