Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Lot of Purple

Purple in the garden includes the Chinese ground orchids:
Purple daisies:
Purple salvias:
Queen Fabiola bulbs:

And in the sewing room, a bunch of purple 4-patches for the third instalment of En Provence, this year's Bonnie Hunter mystery:

On Monday I'll add a link to Bonnie's weekly link-up, where there is sure to be a lot more purple!

Here's the link! Check out everyone's progress.


  1. Love, love your garden lovely..
    and your purple 4 patches are just as beautiful as your garden.

  2. Pretty purple flowers and pleasing scrappy 4 patches.

  3. Beautiful flora, your new garden is growing in abundance. Step 3 - looking good.

  4. Love the purple haze you have created.

  5. Love all the purple flowers - they really make the purples in your quilt seem magical.

  6. Pretty flowers!!! Your purple checkerboard is lined up so neat and nice!

  7. the flowers are beautiful! your purples are looking good too :

  8. Beautiful flowers; they don't seem to be suffering from the heat, or drought. You managed to get an amazing contrast between your light and dark purple fabrics. Lucky you; mine all look much of a muchness! (Or blue!)