Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Productive Day

Started making a table runner using a free pattern from here. Half sewn together:
It went together very quickly. It is easier than it looks, because it is strip-pieced. Here it is all sewn together, with a border:
Neither of those photos show the colours very well. Once it is quilted I'll take it outside to get a better picture. And then I will probably throw a few more together as quick gifts!

Outside, the fence between the carport and the garden is taking form:
There will be a gate in the part closer to the camera.

This rose was just a bud when I was out in the garden this morning. But tonight here it is:


  1. Love the tablerunner, so doing that today. You made my day with my favorite color of rose, beautiful. Thanks

  2. Your home has every colour of the rainbow in it, beautiful.

  3. What a clever pattern, love the maths of it. And the bamboo border fabric.