Sunday, December 18, 2016

Regretting This

In Spotlight the other day I found on clearance this "Easy to make" fabric panel,
 which is meant to make a small backpack:

It probably is easy to make if you follow the instructions. But as I started looking at the pieces, I realised that I would get  much better finish by using a lot more interfacing than the pattern called for. And then I thought I could use the pieces to make a shoulder bag instead. So after half a day yesterday, and a couple more hours today, I have this:
It's very cute, but it is still a long way from being a bag. The head is a flap, and that is completely made. But I've decided to make the bag shallower, and add facings, and re-purpose various other sections to make a gusset for it and a shoulder strap with O-rings. Plus use extra fabric to add pockets to the lining. And I know I've got some magnetic catches somewhere, but where? So I could have another whole day of work before it is complete. For one present, when I have so many others to do. And all the while I'm worrying that I will stuff something up and have wasted the whole effort! What was I thinking?


  1. That's a great challenge. Good luck with the finish. It's sounds like it's going to be a great bag

  2. The creative muse got a hold of you. The altered bag will be great!!

  3. The top flap looks very substantial, much better than a floppy one. The finished bag will be brilliant, very clever repurposing.

  4. I would have put it in the too hard basket!! Well done for remaking it into a shoulder bag, is it for you?