Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Scenes

A lovely Christmas lunch with a group of quilting friends involved:
Gifts, chocolates, gingerbread people, and even some stitching. The binding on the never-ending apple-core piece has less than a quarter to go now.

Seen on the way back to my car:
Creative Christmas "tree" and two "snowmen" made of tyres.

Back at home tonight I felt so cold that I was wearing 3 long-sleeved tops and still shivering. That doesn't seem right for the middle of December.
But it seems I wasn't the only one to be grateful when the fire was lit!


  1. The snowmen are wonderful, love their arms. Such a contrast to the chain store offerings.

  2. Shivering - I hope you are not coming down with anything. Snowmen, someone has great imagination.

  3. Love the tyre tree and snowmen