Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Another Finish

It has taken a while, but my apple-core piece is finished:
Started in a workshop in October, and then in less than a week it was basted and quilted and the binding was stitched to it. Since then I've hand-stitched the binding to the back during the odd meeting and get-together. Today I can mark it off my list of projects. It ended up a little large for the hall table, because I had planned to make it 6 x 12 applecores, but you really have to do odd numbers to get a symmetrical shape. So it is 7 x 13 applecores.

Here's the table runner I made last week in place on the neighbour's table:

A couple more new roses today. First is Just Joey: Oops! No it isn't, it is Brandy!

And this is Tiffany:


  1. Beautiful roses. It's always nice to see a gift in it's new home.
    Apple Core piece looks good all completed with the curved boarders.

  2. The tree and santos suit the table runner, it looks right at home in its new abode. Beautiful roses.

  3. Love your roses and the table runners are lovely.

  4. Lovely table runners and I can smell the roses! Heavenly.

  5. Love the colors in the apple core piece.