Monday, December 19, 2016


Today's new rose is Mr. Lincoln:
It is really a dark red, but the early-morning sunshine is making it look a bit pinker here. Only four rose bushes left to have their first flowers.

Is the the world's shortest sunflower?
That's a 15cm ruler, so you can see that the flower head is less than 20cm from the ground and about 10cm across. I don't know what variety it is, but what was meant to be a tall row of sunflowers along the back of a flower bed is actually a series of tiny sunflowers hiding behind everything else!

Two people have been busy today. The fishpond is almost its full height:
One more course of bricks like this to go. Then solid bricks will go across the top to finish it off. The photo is a bit dark because there is a tarp over the top to provide shade for the worker.

And I finished this:
I never found my box of bag-making supplies, so there is no magnetic catch, and no key-leash inside. If I'd found that box I might have made the strap length adjustable, but instead I just had to pick a length based on the recipient being about the same height as me. I also skipped the O-rings on the strap to speed up the process, but there are three pockets inside. The end result is very cute, and I think the intended recipient will love it.

Five more sewing days till Christmas!


  1. Well done on your finish. It looks really cute

  2. One talented bag maker, two busy landscaper/gardeners.

  3. Your taste in roses seems to be the same as my father's. I was telling my sister in Perth about Ophelia and Freesia and she said Mr Lincoln was my favourite!

  4. Mr. Linclon is striking. Maybe the little birds will enjoy the small sunflowers. Nice of you to provide shade for the brickie.

  5. You put a lot of work into that bag. It looks lovely. And everyone who sees it as the user walks past will smile.

  6. That bag is just the cutest ever, I love it. And love Mr. Linclon

  7. I picked 2 Mr Lincoln buds this morning, opened the door after shopping and the fragrance is over powering, beautiful. I am not a red rose person, but I do love this one.

  8. A proper " doggy bag"!!! Looks terrific!