Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trois En Provence

I have not been alone on my journey with this year's mystery quilt. Hundreds, or maybe thousands, of quilters around the world have been working on it, but most importantly two friends from my Melbourne CBD group did too. Today we met up, and got to see our three versions of the mystery in person.

Jenni made hers the same size I did:
She just has a section of the outer border to go.

Jeanette made hers larger, and made a couple of alterations to the pattern:
In the background of these two photos you can see some of the lovely fabrics that Morris and Sons now have added to the shop. Very tempting!

And here's all three beautiful quilts together:


  1. Love the different versions of this quilt. So much piecing in a BH pattern, so impressed you are all finished.

  2. Even though they are the same quilt they all look different. I love mine

  3. Lovely!! And the fabrics in the back are very tempting...