Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January UFO

As I mentioned a week ago, this year I am joining in Judy Laquidara's UFO challenge. Yesterday Judy announced number three as January's number.

On my list, number 3 was my pentagon sunflowers, but I have edited it. I decided to swap 3 with 9, En Provence. I am busy working on En Provence now, and I think it would be wonderful if I could get it finished so that it never became a UFO. So I made the decision to call it number 3, and keep going.

Today I went into the city, but after I got home I assembled half the sashing pieces:


  1. Love the little green houses. You are so good keeping up. I only have 60 units of clue 1 completed.

  2. Don't forget to double check those purple nine patches stay correctly lined up. No reverse sewing = no UFO.

  3. Keep going with En Provence - with only 9 blocks it won't take long.