Monday, January 2, 2017

Mystery Reveal

These colours have been occupying me today:
 Bromeliad flower, featuring all the colours of the En Provence mystery.

I was very surprised to discover this morning that the mystery was a mystery no more! Bonnie released the final step last night, but I'd been up for over an hour this morning before I received an email in which the writer casually mentioned she loved the final design.

The rest of the day was spent making a bunch of new units for the final step:

Hour-glass units in progress, confusingly lost in the pattern on my ironing board cover. I have the units all sewn together now, but most still need pressing and trimming.

After consultation with a friend who is also doing the mystery, I know how many extra units of the previous clues I will need to make to complete a 3x3 grid of the blocks. I have a couple of the blocks and the sashing pieces pinned to the design wall, but I won't post the photo until they are sewn together. I think they will look good, but not everyone is convinced. I was asked if they actually made a pattern? I sure hope so after all this!


  1. Is that one of your rescued plants? If so it is repaying your kindness in spades. Gorgeous.

  2. I was surprised by Bonnie's reveal too...although apparently she always reveals it on the 1st. And your ironing board cover is so wonderful that if I were you I probably would have taken some snips out of it.

  3. Lovely bromeliad--I never see any of those beautiful plants in my neck of the woods. Those colors are such a treat...I must say --you are brave doing a mystery quilt ;000 although I most often stray from a pattern, I like to see ahead of time what I'm aiming for..just sayin'--I give all of you gals credit--you must have great 1/4" sewing skills and piecing skills. I am looking forward to seeing yours put together...hugs Julierose

  4. I like Bonnies pattern. After all the work that goes into them I'm glad I like it..

  5. The end is in sight, the yellow fabric adds a real zing to the blocks.